Sunday, July 5, 2015


For years, the retail giant WalMart, has been in the cross hairs of the Progressive Left.  Following the South Carolina massacre this corporate behemoth fell in line with the forces of the American Progressive Movement and announced they would ban all products that displayed any image of the hated and divisive Confederate Flag (their words not mine).  Everything from the flag itself to ball point pens bearing that dis-speakable symbol of hate and racism was pulled from the shelves.  The progressive movement smelling blood in the water is now insisting that WalMart remove all guns, ammo, hunting knives, water pistols, darts, hunting calls, just to mention a few of the thousands of other items.  Following the discovery, just this weekend, of a giant Confederate Battle Flag painted on a large boulder just a few miles from cooperate headquarters in Arkansas the left has added red, white and blue paint to its growing list and of course paint brushes.  Top Walmart executives are now actually planning to submit a comprehensive list to the NAACP, PETA, and the DNC of all items that just might be offensive to anyone.  In short there is Panic at Corporate Headquarters in Bentonville with some coming to realization that just sticking a finger in the Dyke (no pun intended) will not stop the coming flood!  Those large "WalMart Signs" outside their many stores are offensive to me and I demand they remove them!    
The above image from THE FERAL IRISHMAN     Visit when you get the chance.

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